2018 in review: relief, revelations and romance!


I hope you’ve had a very merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for the new year! Thank you so, so much for supporting me this year, especially as I’ve been taking some time away from being online, to really focus on a few areas of my life.

This year, I’m grateful to God for bringing me through the final five months of my Year Abroad (January to May), which were really tough, and for allowing me to complete the first term of final year. I’m grateful for Lip Balm becoming an Amazon bestseller earlier this year as well (thank you to all who’ve bought copies!)!

God has used 2018 to show me that He is my PERSONAL healer, provider, protector and best friend. For example, few know this, but this year He healed me from a stress-induced illness that began around February on my Year Abroad and could have resulted in a blood transfusion—abroad. The stress was a result of the pretty terrible circumstances I was living in in Paris. I remember a medical consultant being quite appalled, once I was back in the UK, that I had been alone in Paris with it. Glory to God, He has healed me fully now: I can’t put my thankfulness into words. Please be encouraged: He’s faithful.

I’m thankful for the graduate scheme I’ll be starting next year September; for the new and old friendships that have blossomed this year; for closer relationships with my family and, lastly, for precious responsibilities I’ve gained in 2018 — including becoming the girlfriend of an amazinggggg young man (😍), and a beautiful baby boy’s godmother (literally going to spoil him!). 

My first post of 2018 was about singleness. Listen… God is good! I’m excited to share some of my relationship journey one day for those seeking godly relationship/singleness advice. Currently just learning, waiting for the right time and also enjoying the privacy of it all — we’re both fans of keeping things off socials for now. But what I can say is: the right man will have you feeling a sense of covering and protection even when you’re not physically together. It’s real y’all!! He will also pursue you and make his intentions clear, girl! None of these blurred lines or mixed messages! Also, to my younger self: it really doesn’t take a man long to decide if he wants to pursue a woman, so RELAX sis 😂😭. Anyway… single sisters, you know I’ve got you!!! What I learn I’ll share in due course; and you can ask me any relationship/singleness questions in the meantime by emailing me at enquiries.imanishola@gmail.com (and I’ll answer as best I can 😁).

That aside😂, whatever you’ve faced this year, please be encouraged that God is sovereign, He never gives us more than we can bear and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. That means whatever you’ve faced or overcome this year, and whatever is to come next year, you can rest assured that you ALWAYS have the victory in Jesus, and that with God on your side you can do and overcome all things. If you are in need of encouragement, please feel free to read through some of my blog posts from throughout this year: you have my entire year on record here on this blog, and I pray it allows you to see how God has worked in my life in 2018, through the ups and downs. That’s what this blog/journal is: my testimony, here for your encouragement.

Enjoy the NYE celebrations, thank you for your continued support, and I’ll see you in 2019.

With love and hugs,

Imani x

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