Isla Coaching

 Academic Coaching Sessions with Imani Shola

Imani achieved straight A*s at GCSE (2013), 3 A*s at A Level (2015), and graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Cambridge (2019).

Her working career spans industries ranging from Management Consulting (Bain & Company) to Finance (Deloitte, Lazard), and she has also worked abroad (10+ months). Having graduated in June 2019, she now works in Tech with a focus on Digital Transformation. As such, she is able to offer tailored, tried-and-tested job application and interview advice.

While her revision videos have racked up 30,000+ views and been dubbed some of the best on YouTube, Imani is determined to share her knowledge on an individual, tailored basis. Introducing ISLA Academic Coaching – one-to-one coaching sessions with Imani.

ISLA allows students to book an appointment to talk with Imani one-to-one about all of their academic concerns. Exams, revision, university applications, CV advice and job interviews… where to begin with it all… she’s got you covered.

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Check out some of Imani’s advice below – her study videos have helped over 33,000 viewers so far!