Let Go and Let God


‘Let Go and Let God’ is something we hear so often as Christians. It’s reached a point where it’s almost become cliché, and yet it is always so much easier said than done.

Over summer, I went through a series of situations through which God taught me what it really means to let go and let Him be God. There were areas in my life where I was holding on so tightly, unable to let go of the reins and give the pen back to the author of my faith. We do this all to easily as Christians – and, first and foremost, as humans – trying to control every aspect of our lives, when really there will always be areas of our lives that are beyond our control.

When we cling too tightly to anything that is not God, it becomes toxic, and we get tired, disheartened and disillusioned. Often in these moments we are tempted to lose faith and we wonder why God isn’t honouring our efforts. But it’s important to realise that God’s timeline isn’t in sync with ours – He works according to His own perfect timing, and our trust in Him involves an ability to recognise when we’re rushing ahead of Him, WITHOUT Him. In my recent video on this topic, I spoke about how as Christians, we’re really good at idolising things that aren’t God, and how actually this is always unhealthy. Anything you’re holding onto or pursuing more than God needs to be surrendered back to Him.

Our God is a God of refreshing. Surrendering your desires, dreams, goals and pursuits back to Him, meditating on His Word and inviting Him to take the lead in every area of our lives is extremely important to our growth in Him. The Bible says that the person who dwells in God, in His presence, who leans on His might and His Word more than his/her own understanding, is like a tree planted by streams of living water who brings forth fruit in its season (Psalm 1). If you’re feeling exhausted, disillusioned and you’re giving up hope, re-surrender whatever it is you’re pursuing/hoping for back to God.

He is faithful, and He will make everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

Praying that God gives you (and me) peace and the grace to surrender it all back to Him.


Imani x

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