2022: Rest, an Update & a Thank-You

Fav selfie of 2021 😁🤣. Thanks for all your support last year!

Hey everyone, good to see you and, ahead of tomorrow, Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Ours was full of Baileys, rice ‘n’ peas🇯🇲, a 5-hour slow-roast leg of lamb (by yours truly 😝😋) and, of course, one too many mince pies!🎄 Today, I have a thank-you, and a life update for you. Enjoy…🥰

Thank You!

Just a quick note from me to say thank you so, so much for all your support in 2021. I appreciate it so much! To everyone who donated to the ISLA Gift or shared the posts on social media; to everyone who has ever streamed, bought or shared my music; and to everyone who’s read this blog or one of my books – THANK YOU! ♥️

Aside from feeling the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever felt, I’m also feeling really moved and full of gratitude as I step into 2022🎁. God has been so faithful, and you, the people who support what I do, have been so kind and consistent. So I just wanted to use this post to take a pause to say ‘thank you.’💐

Here’s to 2022 – which leads me onto a life update…

A Life Update…

2022 is going to look a little different! I love what I do, and I’ve spent the past 7 years giving in some way, pretty much non-stop — from Youtube videos in 2015, through to 2 songs, a book and a scholarship in 2021. It’s been a joy and an adventure. Yet at the end of 2020, God started sharing with me that a slight priority shift is happening in my life: from giving to living; from a largely public presence to a more private element blossoming within that. I’ve been living, don’t get me wrong 😻 — but back when I started my platforms aged 18 as a uni fresher, my priorities were different to what they are this year, at age 25 and in the year 2022 where I turn 26.

So, in 2022 I’ll be taking a year-long, restful sabbatical from active blog posts, active instagram posts on my art account @imanishola (it may be set to ‘private’ at times, but please feel free to request to follow!) — and, as you may have noticed, my old twitter account has been gone since September, as I focus on what I’m passionate about on my new account.

I will be back ‘online’ on my main insta and on this blog in late 2022 or early 2023, refuelled, refreshed and ready to share some of what God’s poured in during this year of rest. Some of my 2022 ‘rest’ will be passive — travel, retreats and wellness-focused. Some of it will be active — as ever, I’ll be creating, so stay tuned!🥰 But the ‘active’ rest will be in a private/creative capacity, rather than in a giving/publicising/sharing capacity, during this season.

Be sure to subscribe to this blog (top right of this page on desktop; scroll down to bottom of this page on mobile) so you get the first post when I’m back ‘online’, straight to your inbox. I look forward to coming back to you replenished and rested in a year’s time.

Wishing you, on that note, a restful, gentle 2022♥️. Stay safe, be kind and look after yourselves🌸.

As a belated Christmas gift, and in the spirit of my 2022, I leave you with a video that both challenged and confirmed a few values for me in 2021☺️. Enjoy:

And as always, feel free to say hi whenever, at hello@imanishola.co.uk. Love hearing from you.

With love and best wishes always.

Imani xx

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