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I’m Imani, an author, music artist and creative from London. My mission is simple: to love people and empower people.

I do that in four main ways: through my advice Youtube channel; this journal of my 20s where I share life lessons and encouragement; some books, including self-care poetry collection, Heart Shards and Lip Balm; and an academic coaching service, ISLA Coaching, started in 2018 to empower people to excel in their studies.

In June 2020, I founded the ISLA Academic Gift, a fund to provide financial support and mentorship to students. We gave out £1700 in crowdfunded cash gifts and paired 38 students with a subject-specialist mentor. By 2021, that jumped to nearly £5,800 raised in 4 weeks and a partnership with Cambridge University’s Churchill College.

Most recently, in October 2020, I began releasing my music and in April 2021, my second book, Messy Loving, was released.

Please feel free to explore and enjoy, it’s great to have you here! 🥳