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I’m Imani, an author, music artist and creative from London. My mission is simple: to love people and help people.

I do that in four main ways: through my advice Youtube channel; this journal of my 20s where I share life lessons and encouragement; some books, including self-care poetry collection, Heart Shards and Lip Balm; and an academic coaching service, ISLA Coaching, started in 2018 to empower people to excel in their studies.

In June 2020, I founded the ISLA Academic Gift, a fund to provide financial support and mentorship to students. We gave out £1700 in crowdfunded cash gifts and paired 38 students with a subject-specialist mentor.

Most recently, in October 2020, I began releasing my music and in April 2021, my second book, Messy Loving, was released.

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The ‘official’ bio

Imani is an author, music artist, scholarship founder and creative from London.

Previously a winner of the Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award, her debut collection of self-care poetry and affirmative notes for broken hearts, Heart Shards and Lip Balm, was published worldwide and made available on Amazon in July 2017. It became a bestseller, ranking no.70 in U.S. poetry in January 2018.

Imani is known for her YouTube channel, where she offers academic advice to thousands of 18-25 year-olds and shares her journey of faith. Here, on her official site, she writes a monthly blog journalling her twenties in the hope that the lessons she learns along the way will encourage others.

Most recently, having graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Cambridge, Imani started ISLA Coaching, her Academic Coaching service, to empower other students to achieve academic success. In 2020, she founded the annual ISLA Academic Gift to provide financial support and free academic mentorship to students, giving out £1700 in crowdfunded cash gifts, and pairing 38 students with a subject-specialist mentor for the year ahead.

Imani’s heart is simply to love others and to help them heal, grow and excel. She does so through different creative mediums: her channel since 2015, her blog since 2016, her books, her coaching business, and the Academic Gift as of 2020.

In October 2020, Imani began releasing her music. In April 2021, her second book, Messy Loving was released.

To contact her, please email hello@imanishola.co.uk.

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