Birthday & Life Update: XXIV

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Hey, friend! 💜☺️

How is your November going? If you’re in England, like me, maybe it’s looking like a few more weeks of national lockdown. Or maybe you’re counting down to Christmas already. Either way, I hope this finds you well in these strange times.

First thing to say is — thank you for all your support on my single, Author of my Life! I appreciate it so much, very thankful. 🥰

Today’s post is a life update and a reflection on rest. Your girl turned 24 a few weeks back (thank You Jesus!) and I’m in a place where this new birth year and this season already feel markedly different and set apart to the last. Thankful.

23 was extremely productive and fruitful — I blossomed and I worked hard: trained for and ran 2 half-marathons from January to August, founded a scholarship in June, released a song in October, secured a new job which I start soon, and even reverse-mentored the CEO of my workplace at the time for 5 months from May to October. All this while working a full-time job and a side-hustle business with multiple long-term clients.

It’s not surprising, then, that by the time my birthday came around in mid-October, I was exhausted and ready to dedicate this next birth year to rest (or, at least, to a bit more rest)! 😂

Speaking with a friend recently, she mentioned that she feels I tend to do ‘big’ things like they’re small but often don’t take time to rest in between, and we spoke about this idea of rest and what it means. And the truth is, while I’m grateful for all that has happened in chapter 23, I’ve sensed strongly the importance of rest and recovery in the last few weeks. FYI, I see my life in chapters and I know that, at least for the time being, this new chapter of being 24, which I am calling Chapter XXIV or simply XXIV, is about deep rest.

Do you struggle to rest and have down time? In these strange times I think it’s even more important to spend time pouring into yourself with good rest and self-care habits. So my encouragement to you, if you are prone to treating resting as secondary, is that there is, as the Bible says, a time and season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3). And just as there’s a time to be fruitful and pour out, there’s a time to rest and pour in. That’s what this next life chapter, which I’m calling XXIV, will look like.

God’s blessings were so rich last year and I am so thankful to Him and the amazing people around me who have been so supportive of me — my main birthday post on my instagram goes into this more, about how the all the things I’ve listed above that happened at 23 were made possible by the people around me. 

Last thing to say about chapter 23 was that it was the year I learnt what my values are:

Peace, Legacy, Authenticity, Kindness and Stability (as far as possible).

As long as these are being championed in my life in all areas, I’m a happy bunny. As we approach a new year of 2021, I’d encourage you to think about what your values are and narrow them down to your top 5 to live by. What things matter most to you in life? If you were to (God forbid) die tomorrow, what key themes and flavours would you like your life to have had or celebrated? Is it honesty? Standing up for justice? Being kind? Living out your calling?

In all, I am so excited for all that this next chapter has to bring.

Here’s to XXIV and more light, love, legacy — and REST!

See you in December,

Imani x

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