Cambridge Degree, Conquered!

Your girl has officially finished her degree!!! 🥳 

On Wednesday of this week, I sat the last of my (seven 😭… imagine) exams to complete my final year at uni and, as such, my four-year undergrad degree here at Cambridge. Honestly, as much as I’d really love to try to avoid using ALL the clichés right now — ‘it’s been such a journey!’ 😂 — it really has been such a journey! If you’ve read about my Year Abroad last year (more here and here), you know. God’s been so faithful; I’m glad to have conquered it with Him!

I’m going to try to keep this post short and sweet—mainly because I’m still struggling to string words together into coherent sentences 😂: exhausted and recovering from a very intense exam period (6 of 7 exams in 4 languages happened in 7 days… bruh). Feeling kind of weirdly drunk on the euphoria of having survived not just finals but an entire degree; am currently back home in London for a bit, recovering with good sleep and good food while learning to speak coherent English again 😋! But, as always, every ounce of the glory goes to God.😍

I realise I say that a lot — ‘all glory goes to God’—and that some people may not know what I mean when I do: I mean that any and every ‘success’ or ‘achievement’ you may see in my life could not have come about BUT for God carrying me through each season. Whatever you might see as end or external ‘results’ are a testament of a life-long, real journey of faith. He is so faithful and so kind, and He has never let me down; He’ll do the same for you if you’ll let Him.

A final thought… last night, I went to see Aladdin (ft. the legendary Will Smith) with Mum, and for some reason it felt super emotional! For those that’ve seen it, especially those of you who’re Christians, I hope you’ll get what I mean when I say some elements of the genie really reminded me of God. Now, God isn’t a genie, and there are many limits to this comparison—but just the loyalty, selflessness, kindness, and wisdom-filled love, direction and protection that the genie showed Aladdin really reminded me of how we have an all-powerful God who’s always loyal, always covering us and always has our back and can be called on at any time. We don’t have to rub a lamp to reach Him; we can just whisper a prayer — even silently in our hearts — and He hears… what a privilege.

Still can’t believe I’ve found biblical parallels in Aladdin but childddd, this degree has taught me to over-analyse every work of art/literature I see 😂, so forgive me! Plus, after this four-year season that’s now coming to an end for me, in which God’s proved His faithfulness over and over, that film and those parallels couldn’t have been more timely. Indeed, I ain’t never had a friend like Him (film reference — if you know, you know)! Highly recommend you allow God to be your best friend. (Also highly recommend you go see Aladdin)! You won’t regret either. 🥰

All this to say, I end this degree with a grateful heart, and a big smile 😁. God did that!!!

For those of you with ongoing exams, keep up all the hard work. You are doing well, and the reward will be worth it. All my revision tips are here. I’m rooting for you. 😍

With love and thanks for your friendship.
See you in June,

Imani x


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