June: A quick note, and a special announcement

Heart Shards and Lip Balm (2017)

This month’s post is super special for me. As all those who follow me on social media probably know by now, June has been the final month in an 11-month process of writing a book. My debut book, a poetry collection of 100 self-care poems and affirmative notes written to and for the reader, will be published worldwide and available on Amazon from Friday 7th July. It’s called Heart Shards and Lip Balm, and it traces the journey from hurting to healing. And I am so very excited, thankful to God, and grateful for all the support I’ve received from friends, family and followers. Truly, to everyone who’s shown support: thank you so much.

Elsewhere, June has been a month of immense blessings and opportunity. I finished my second year of university three weeks ago, and have since been planning a year abroad. And as I write this, I’m on a train headed across the country for a weekend of wedding preparations and excitement, as an amazing friend I made in my first year is about to tie the knot, and I’m a bridesmaid.

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, and instead let you read about the book on the page I’ve created specially for it. I hope and pray it blesses you — it is, quite literally, love, in a book, written to and for you for when you’re finding it hard to love yourself. Heart Shards and Lip Balm, out on Amazon on 7.7.17.

Enjoy — and see you in July.

Imani x

P.S., there’s more on the book in my latest video

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