March 2019 Favourites

This time last year, I shared my ‘current favourites’ with you guys, mainly focused on some of my favourite YouTubers and their channels. This March, I’m sharing 5 of my latest favourites, less YouTube-related but equally as good—everything from books to podcasts, blogs, songs and series. These resources have shaped me in some way this year and I LOVE them! 

Each of them is rich in inspiration and encouragement. I pray they bless you in some way… this ‘March favourites’ thing might become a tradition!

1. Favourite series: Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk

Whew…! This one had to come first! Mrs Jada Pinkett Smith’s groundbreaking Red Table Talk series, only available on Facebook Watch, won my heart and attention the moment I watched its first episode last year. If you haven’t heard about it —despite the fact it’s gone viral and had everyone talking about the juiciest (and sometimes most difficult) topics—Red Table Talk is a series where Jada, her mum Adrienne, and her daughter Willow sit down around a red table in the Smith family home, and discuss LIFE. Everything pertaining to it — relationships, fame, sexuality, friendship, race, gender, childhood trauma, feminism, marriage — everything.

Each episode sees a special guest—including the likes of Jordyn Woods and Gabrielle Union—join the three ladies at the table, and open up. It is such a tastefully-crafted and well-produced series, and every episode provides the opportunities to gain a new perspective, to see life through someone else’s eyes, and to reflect on your own life experiences and personal convictions. I particularly loved the episode where rapper Wale and Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni were the special guests, and the topic was how men perceive romantic love. The series truly is a refreshing watch— a must-watch, in fact. Get stuck into it here.

2. Favourite book: Michelle Obama’s Becoming (audiobook and paperback)

The stunning epitome of #BlackWomanMagic, Michelle Obama, has long been one of my role models, and as a writer I was super excited when she chose to share her story in book form. Her book was announced and then released last year, and according to its publishers, Penguin Random House, Michelle’s memoir is on track to become the fastest-selling memoir of all time — and rightly so. I decided to download Audible and listen to the audiobook, and I highly recommend everyone do the same: something about hearing Michelle narrate it is simply breathtaking because no-one can tell a story quite as well as the person whose story it is.

Michelle gets deep and personal about everything from childhood memories to her truth while in the White House, letting us into a more vulnerable and less-exposed side of her life. Reading Becoming makes you see Mrs Obama in an even more beautiful light; hearing her narrate it makes you feel she is speaking directly and only to you. Michelle is a true inspiration; get your copy of her book in hardback form here, and maybe I’ll see you when she comes to London in April on tour!

3. Favourite Blog/Website: Black Love Live

You guys know I am a nerd when it comes to learning and talking about relationships and discovering tips for having good, healthy ones 🙈. I truly believe that better relationships lead to healthier home environments and a better society. So when I came across Black Love Live, a series created by Tommy and Codie Oliver in which married black couples sit down and openly share their best advice and their experiences, I was hooked. The series aired on TV in the States, but where I am I can only access it online. I’ve been following their amazing blog on their website,, and the episodes from the tour on Facebook Watch and they are incredibly insightful. The couples talk everything from balancing relationships and entrepreneurship to knowing when you’ve found the one. Highly recommended!

4. Favourite Song: David and Tamela Mann, Good Love

Absolutely had to include this! The famous U.S. gospel power couple, the Manns, released their RnB album Us Against the World last year, and it’s all about the story of their marriage. Tamela, with her rich and velvety voice and incredible vocal range, has always inspired me as a singer, and when she and David recently renewed their vows (watch the video here!) I was so encouraged to see they’d opened up about their love story in song form too. Good Love is a catchy, truth-filled piece from the album; really good encouragement for those in relationships and singles alike. It makes you want to work for a relationship that lasts. Take a listen and enjoy it here.

5. Favourite Podcast: The Love Hour by Kevin and Melissa Fredericks

The Love Hour podcast, hosted by Kevin and Melissa (Kev and Liss) Fredericks is the absolute BOMB! Kev is a comedian by trade and Melissa is just branching out into public speaking and is on a journey of self-love and development, and they’ve been married for a decade and a half and have two sons. In the weekly episodes, aired everywhere from iTunes to Spotify to YouTube, they share all their best advice with profound transparency, and I highly recommend them for any Christian couples trying to pursue a healthy, fulfilling long-term relationship. Their marriage advice is priceless, and they’ve also written a few books. Tune in on Thursdays to their YouTube channel for the videoed podcast; the audio is available on all good podcast platforms.

In conclusion…

There you have them, my March favourites 2019! It’s crazy to think just how much I’m in a completely different season compared to where I was when I last shared my March favourites… back then I was living and working in Paris, now I’m in London revising for finals. And as I approach the end of some seasons and enter into new ones, I am super grateful to God for these amazing resources which have provided so, so much wisdom. I hope you enjoy them, too!

See you in April, when I’ll be sharing more on relationships…

With love,
Imani x

Photo: Thought Catalog

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