March 2018 Favourites


It’s March, which here in Paris means rainy days. But I’m not complaining. Rainy days mean staying in, snuggling on the sofa with a hot chocolate, a blanket and some doritos, and catching up on all things YouTube!

It’s been raining almost every day here this month (even snowing some days!), so when I’m not at work, I’m indoors enjoying what my YouTube subscriptions have to offer. I wanted to share some of my current favourite YouTube channels, especially some I’ve been meaning to share for a while ! These are all people I look up to in some way, shape or form, and out here on my Year Abroad they have been so precious during the difficult times. God has used them to bring peace and an element of familiarity in an otherwise unfamiliar environment. I pray they bless you as much as they bless me!

RC Blakes

Robert ‘RC’ Blakes is a lead pastor at a church in the States, and has a fantastic channel which focuses on giving young women advice from the perspective of a godly father figure. RC has written numerous books aimed at women, particularly women whose fathers were absent in some way. He gives real, straight-talking advice on relationships, purpose and becoming who God wants you to be.

Check out his channel here.

Dephne Medyara

I’ve been following Dephne’s YouTube channel for about 2 years, and she has become one of my inspirations. She gives advice rooted in God’s word, and also offers videos where she prays for different seasons of life. Her channel is honestly life-giving and her content often feels like a life-saver. I’ve found that often, when I’m facing something, she will release a video on that very topic the next day or so! She is a woman after God’s own heart, and a brilliant role model for young women like myself who are seeking to be the same.

Fara Brown

Honestly, Fara is and has always been my favourite fellow YouTuber in my age group. I’ve been subscribed to her since I joined YouTube in 2015. In every video on her channel, she is sincere, down-to-earth, warm and authentic, and her gentleness shines through in every video. It is hard to grow a YouTube channel if you don’t have a big personality, or do videos of a certain style, so her content is refreshing and real. There are no facades, airs or graces with Fara; she keeps it real, sharing the struggles she is facing and how God challenges and encourages her to live her best version of herself through all of them. Please subscribe to her channel and share her content; you will not be disappointed. I hope to meet her one day!

Bibiana Yetty

I was fortunate enough to meet Bibi and grab a coffee with her a while back, and we talked all things YouTube, studying, and life in general. I look up to her as a role model for being a great mum and wife, and for raising her family of 3 kids in a godly way. She vlogs with her husband about life as a mum of 3, and shares brilliant advice from a Christian perspective. The family recently travelled to Nigeria, and vlogged the trip, be sure to have a watch!

Gabes and Anna

These guys give some brilliant, real advice when it comes to doing marriage God’s way. They’re a young couple whose wedding went viral, and who have been sharing advice on relationships ever since. I met Anna in person at a women’s conference in February this year, and she’s just as bubbly in person! These guys are great role models to their youngers. Check out their channel here.

There’s a small army of young Christian couples just like Gabes and Anna who all got married around the same time and started YouTube channels sharing godly relationship advice, including Hannah and Olu, Karl and Cass Lokko (LokkedIn), and Swodei and Emmanuel (Team Swoduel). Be sure to check them out!

Redefined TV

These guys are amazing! They are one of my favourite couples on YouTube, sharing real tips on living for God and doing life His way. They share sermons and short vlogs tackling key issues we face as young people, particularly surrounding relationships, and they keep it very real! Have a peek at their videos here.

I hope these channels inspire you and that you’ll subscribe and give them the support they deserve!

See you in April,

Imani x

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