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About the Book

Many books speak on Christian marriage, courtship and dating principles, and on the beauty that awaits us when those seasons work out well.

Few, however, offer a tried-and-tested roadmap for what to do when a long-term Christian relationship ends. Award-winning poet and author of self-care collection Heart Shards and Lip Balm, Imani Shola, does just that in Messy Loving: A Christian Girl’s Companion for Healing after a Break-up.

Written for anyone, whether Christian or not, who is looking for comfort and advice from a biblical viewpoint, Messy Loving provides practical tips, healing scriptures, and even personal journal entries — tangible tools to offer tangible hope to women navigating an often painful season. Messy is a companion for your entire journey, from messy start to glorious finish; from grief in this season to gratitude for this season; from mess to restoration — and to the brighter, better new beginnings that await you. Let’s take it one day at a time.

Messy is available for purchase worldwide online at Waterstones, on Amazon and Kindle, and in some bookstores. Purchase your copy here on Amazon, or here at Waterstones.

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‘Lip Balm’ (2017) and ‘Messy’ (2021)