Sounds to bring you Joy

I grew up in a musical home, learning the trumpet through lessons, the piano by ear, jamming with my Dad (a jazz saxophonist), and teaching myself the basics of music production. I’ll admit now that I’m really nerdy about this stuff 🤓.

Music is one of my biggest passions and I love using it to bring joy to others. I hope you enjoy this sample of some of my work to date. I love all things harmonies and a’cappella, and am a fan of gospel, soul and jazz genres. Enjoy! 😄

Are you a producer or musician? Please get in touch if you would like to work with me!

‘Author of my Life’ Out Now!

My debut single, released 9.10.20!

Production work

One of my biggest personal goals is to learn all things music production. I currently am literate in Audacity and am now improving my knowledge of Logic Pro.

During my teens, I learnt piano by ear using my knowledge of reading music from playing the trumpet until age 10, and I still play the piano by ear now. So the Kehlani, Brenda Russell and Kirk Franklin covers below were created by ear. I’m always hoping to improve this skill and love the challenge of it! 😄

All-vocal work (Harmonies)

I am slightly obsessed with harmonies. The task of taking a song and re-creating it using vocals only is always fun, and I always love figuring out the harmonies that are lying behind it. The challenge of being your own backing track with your voice is the best thing!

For me, learning when and how to use well-timed silence, and equally discerning when I need to sing a note to guide the listener along a melody that would usually be carried by drums and bass and keys in the original song, is an adventure I can’t get enough of!

All-vocal work (Range + Timbre)

My voice has changed over the years and I’m currently in a season of getting re-acquainted with it after not being able to sing so freely in my uni dorm rooms (2015-19). This year (2020) I’m getting to know my voice again and it’s been a really amazing journey. Hope you enjoy:

Work with me!

Are you a producer or musician? Please get in touch if you would like to work with me!