NEW SINGLE OUT NOW: ‘Author of My Life’

Artwork by Kieron Boothe

Your girl released her debut single, ‘Author of My Life’ yesterday (9.10.20)! I hope you enjoy!




‘Author of My Life’, written in 2012, was birthed as many of Imani’s songs are – by playing around on the piano, finding an intriguing chord progression, and putting heartfelt words to the melody. The song is an unapologetic declaration of love and admiration for God, to God. It is a statement of faith in His power and gratitude for His love.

Shared initially on her YouTube channel in 2017, the acoustic version of ‘Author’ proved popular, with Imani’s subscribers noting its ‘juicy’ melody, ‘beautiful’ lyrics and, ‘stunning’ sound, with many saying they wanted a copy. Through passionate harmonies, resounding metaphor and even a multilingual line, the song seeks to be an anthem of submission and love poured out to our Heavenly Father. 

  • Written April 2012 by Imani Shola. Produced May 2020.
  • Lyrics, vocals: Imani Shola.
  • Production: Duane Caleb, Imani Shola, Jay Picasso.
  • Mixing and mastering: Hytes.
  • Artwork: Kieron Boothe.
  • Promo photography: Jesse Konadu.

Listen to the 2012 original

Performed, recorded and produced using Audacity in April 2012, age 15, this is the song in its original form.

For anyone interested in hearing the song’s journey, the below is for you! Always interesting to hear how my voice has evolved over nearly a decade. The challenge producing this song 8 years later was staying true to the original with a grown woman voice and a lot more life experience to back up the lyrics!
Enjoy! ☺️

Listen to the 2016 acoustic

Thank you for all your continued support. I hope you love the song!

See you in November,

Imani x


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