Heart Shards and Lip Balm: Thank you!


It’s so crazy to believe the first part of my Year Abroad will be over in a matter of weeks and I’ll be back in London with my family.

One of the key things this time abroad has made me aware of are God’s blessings—including the incredible people such as yourself who take the time to support me—be that by following my channel, purchasing my book, reading my blog, or in any other way. In this post, I want to thank you for your support.

As a celebration of our growing community, you’ll find below a glimpse of the response to my book, Lip Balm, with some of the photos you’ve sent me. This community that the book is creating astounds me. It has grown every single day since the book’s publication, with customers joining from across the globe. Thank you.

These are just a few of the collages I make of the photos you send me with your copies of the book… Yes, I’m that author, cherishing every reader photo and compiling them all into one big celebration of our community lol! (Keep sending them in!) I am in awe and so grateful. Only my Facebook friends have seen most of these; I think it’s about time I put them out there!

What brings me the most joy out of all of this is knowing that each copy of the book is a radical parcel of unrelenting love and encouragement to its reader. If you want to send someone love in a book, buy Lip Balm, and send it to them (according to the reviews, it’s really that simple lol… thank you for those, too ❤️).

I LOVE that God gets to use the book to reach everyone who has a copy of it—from Zadie Smith in New York, to my manager here in Paris—with His amazing love.

I’ll say goodbye for now and let the collages do the talking! Thank you again for all your support. Purchase Lip Balm as a present for yourself or someone you cherish, just in time for Christmas, here.

See you in December,

Imani x