October: Twenty-one & Two Hundred Transitions

I’m going to keep this one suuuper short and sweet… I turned 21 two weeks ago today and simply want to give God all the thanks, praise and glory! I have a gratitude journal which I update every few days and honestly I think I filled about 4 pages of it on my 21st!

October has been a month of reflection and transition (which is also why I’ve been off YouTube for a bit!). Of giving thanks to God for twenty-one years of life. He is so faithful, and I am so grateful that He is God and He is sovereign! To have made it through childhood and adolescence unscathed and with health and peace of mind is not something to be taken lightly – and I give God all the thanks and praise. It was not always easy, but He is always bigger than whatever we’re facing.

I’m learning that still, during this Year Abroad season. I’m learning about the beauty of God’s steadfast sovereignty in the midst of major transition, change and unknown. That, paradoxically, during life-changing transitions like fulfilling a God-given assignment abroad and alone, you’re required to be the strongest you’ve ever been while evidently being at your most vulnerable. And yet, despite this paradox, God is God, and His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of an amazing Year Abroad, and I am extremely grateful to have reached 21! I’m also (sort of) grateful for seasons of transition (‘sort of’ because it doesn’t always feel that way lol!). However, I am eternally grateful to God that He is my anchor throughout it all.

He is your anchor. His name is power. Remember that – and remind your circumstances of it.

See you in November!

Imani x

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