Revision & Study Advice Guide

Happy September! 😄

It’s the month that marks, for many of us students, the beginning of preparation for a brand new academic year! So, as a joint post for the months of August and September, I wanted to share a round-up of all my best academic tips for you, so that if you’re a student prepping for your studies, you’ve got a toolkit, all in one place.

Without further ado, here is a round-up of all my favourite revision and study advice – including top tips for anyone coming to Cambridge!

1. Welcome to Cambridge!

For anyone who’s ever heard of how unique (and, sometimes, strange!) a place Cambridge can be, this is for you! In this video, I let you in on a few of the weirdest things about the university, such as its unique language (meet for formal in the plodge after your supervision with your DoS, anyone?), and the fact that everyone (EVERYONE) cycles or has a bike!

2. Year-round study advice

All my study tips, applicable throughout the year, in one place!

3. My top revision tips

For the run-up to exams, in the video, I pour out all the strategies that helped me get good grades and make it to Cambridge.

4. Exam technique, approach and mindset advice

Specifically for exam season, this video I share my approach to exam papers – from what I do the moment I open an exam paper, to how I perceive the examiner (as an ally, not an enemy!)!

5. First Year university advice for Freshers!

For all those about to head off to university, here are all the lessons I learnt in my first year. My video with Adessy, who studied at Warwick, may also interest you guys!

I hope these are useful to you and give you some valuable motivation, foresight and practical techniques. There’s plenty more on my channel, so be sure to take a look!

With very best wishes for the new academic year! Bring on 2018-19!

See you in October!


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