The ISLA Gift 2021: Donate Now!

Hey everyone,

Hope you are staying safe. Delighted to share that The ISLA Gift with Cambridge University is now live! Aiming to raise £3K by 31 July to give 10 black Cambridge students and applicants £300 for success in music, science, art, sports and social projects.

Only 14 black men were admitted to Cambridge in 2015 out of 2000 freshers. So excited that Churchill College Cambridge have partnered with us change this and encourage more applicants!

If the appeal reaches the target set of £3,000 by 31 July the College will be able to award 10 winners with maximum cash awards of £300 over the first two years.

Thank you for any donations or support. Even sharing this message with your friends, family and colleagues in any group chats would be so appreciated ♥️. Let me know if you’d like a template message to send. Thank you.

How to help:

Donate now: (Churchill College’s fundraising platform)

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Thank you so much for any support, and I’ll see you in August!

Imani xx