The Travel Edit: Cyprus 2022

Paphos, Cyprus

The Travel Edit is a new series of posts dedicated to one of my passions and bucket list goals: travelling the world. These short, snappy posts will be like ‘postcards’ of where I’ve visited, with brief recommendations and reviews in case you’d ever like to visit, too. I’m super grateful to get to travel, and excited to share these with you! In 2022, I’m still on sabbatical, but will be travelling a few times, so will share these as short updates.

Country: Cyprus

Location: Paphos

Date Visited: April 2022

Hotel: Louis Paphos Breeze

One word to describe this trip: ‘paradise’. April in this area of Cyprus was hotter than I expected, and it felt great soaking up the sun. I had always wanted to visit this country, having gone to school with Greek Cypriot kids and always been curious about the culture. I’ve travelled to Greece before (Mykonos, Crete, Thessaloniki) and am back there next year (Santorini), but had never been to Cyprus. I spent the days lounging in the sun (where usually I’d hide under a parasol) and swimming in the pool. The Louis Paphos Breeze is a calm oasis for young families, young couples, and older couples. It’s quiet enough, small enough, but far from boring or dull. The food was superb – hot, well-seasoned, cooked brilliantly, with good variety. Highly recommend. I hope to be back there soon!

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