TWENTY-THREE! Birthday Update

Last week, your girl celebrated her 23rd birthday! 🥳 🎂

I can only thank God for His love, joy and strength in the past year. Some big milestones were achieved, such as finishing finals in May, securing my degree and graduating in June, and starting work in September, which I am loving. I also got to travel to some beautiful countries and discover more of God’s creation (the picture above was taken in Mallorca at a family wedding), and even got to celebrate my birthday abroad. God has truly been good. 22 was full of blessings, and I choose to count them all and I thank God for them!

There were of course hard times, too, and times when I truly went through it. As ever, I learned again to trust God with everything — something I’d learned to do in Paris (He always prepares us so well for seasons ahead). But now, I can truly look back at 22 and see how God was always teaching and preparing me for new seasons I’d have to trust Him through that were yet to come. He is so, so faithful and the best teacher. To anyone who’s in a rough patch currently: I just want to urge you to hold on and to choose to trust God even when everything in you is afraid/fearful. He has you in the palm of His hand and nothing can separate you from His love!

So, in all, here’s to 23! 😁 Thank YOU for following me on my journey so far! I’m excited to see what this year holds and to share it with you here.

With love and hugs,

Imani ♥️


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